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  86% of the message your customers receive on the        telephone is through tone of voice. MBA Academy  
  develops acute tone of voice and call management  
  skills that will make a lasting positive impression 
  with your customers.
  • Creating a service attitude before answering the phone
  • Practicing a customer friendly voice
  • Placing the customer on hold / transferring the call / taking messages

  Email and Text Messaging are now critical to your  
  business. MBA Academy gives your staff and  
  managers the skills necessary to master appropriate      and timely email and text message communication.

  • Indentifying and adapting the behavior styles
            of the recipient
  • Responding promptly
  • Showing respect and be courteous
  • Communicate effectively

  The proper Acknowledgement and Greeting creates 
  the defining moment your customers form an 
  impression about you and your dealership. MBA 
  Academy shows your staff and managers the 
  absolute correct way to do it.
  • Attitude of excellent service
  • Responding promptly
  • Thoughtful body language and words
  • Show respect with good manners
  • Communicating efficiently

  Effective Communication is mandatory for creating an    exceptional experience that make customers want to  
  do business with you. MBA Academy will show your 
  staff and management how to ask the questions and 
  what to say to your customers to create that 

  • Maintaining eye contact
  • Correct facial expressions
  • Attentive body language
  • Politeness, courtesy, good manners through words
  • Communicating properly

  Customers become unsure about your ability to meet    their expectations when you fail to keep them  
  updated. MBA  Academy will show your staff how to 
  be proactively inform and update your customers.
  • Recognizing when to contact them
  • Establishing clear expectations regarding any updates
  • Identifying ways to inform the customer
  • What to say and how to say it

  Your customers expect you to coordinate all events   
  on their behalf. MBA Academy will train your staff on  
  how to effectively prepare your customer for sales 
  delivery, service delivery or parts delivery.

  • Informing the customer; what to say and how to say it
  • Establishing clear expectations of when to come, where to go and whom to see

  Your customers want to know that they’ve made the 
  right  decision buying from you and you’ve met their 
  expectations. MBA Academy will show you how to 
  actively deliver new vehicles, used vehicles, service 
  vehicles or parts and delight your customers.


  Follow-up reinforces that the customer is very  
  important and you care about their satisfaction. Using    your CRM tools, MBA Academy will show you how to 
  effectively Follow-up with your customer and create a  
  exceptional experience for your customer.
  • The one and only way to Follow-up
  • Confirming satisfaction with purchase; what to say and how to say it
  • Creating a positive perception of your dealership
  • Restating of gratitude and relationship commitment 

  Incorrectly handling conflicts will cost you customers,      even though the problem has been resolved. MBA 
  Academy will show your staff and management how 
  to take ownership of the situation and effectively 
  resolve or minimize the customer service conflict.

  • Identify the factors that create dissatisfaction
  • Identifying the unhappy customer
  • Understand the different customer behavioral styles and how to adjust to them
  • Exercise listening skills and correct body language
  • How to resolve or minimize the customer service issues
  • Preparing for the customer’s visit
  • Establishing concierge attitude and atmosphere
  • Explanation of purchase; what to say and how to say it
  • The sincere “Thank you”
Whole Dealership Customer Service Training for Customer Retention

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