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Dealer Services, LLC
Turn your dust into gold!!! We've been in the dealer parts business over 23 years. By being in the industry for that long, we have established an extensive network of huge parts buyers. We've helped dealers liquidate millions of dollars worth of obsolescence. Here's how it works:

•You send us a file (Excel, text, etc) of your slow moving inventory or we dial into your computer and obtain the data directly, to grab a list of parts that you're willing to sell at 50 cents on the dollar.
•We shop your list to our huge network of buyers nationwide.
•Our system automatically notifies you via email of the parts buyers want to purchase from you.
•You log in to our website, print the list of parts, ship the parts, and enter shipment amounts in to our website and you're done with that obsolescence forever!!

We've crunched the numbers and, believe it or not, we have found that it's actually profitable to dump your slow movers at 50 cents on the dollar when you reinvest that $ in fast moving inventory.   Visit today!
FCA Performance Institute has formed 17 Service & Parts Manager 20 Groups. We would like to invite you to attend a group in one of the cities of your choosing. These groups are for Service and Parts Managers both, who seriously want to improve profit, improve customer retention, and learn new business processes.

Why should you consider attending? 

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"Improving the Automotive Dealership's Fixed Operations Business and Their Customer's Experience."